Re: Jaws 13 and Windows XP Pro?

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

The "automatically start JAWS" option is available to any user under XP,
and can be changed with or without administrative of power user status.
This is the only startup option available under XP, on or off a network,
meaning that the menu present under Vista and 7 is not available under
XP. Early editions of JAWS did not give this option under professional
OS's, such as NT, and I can't now remember when it was made available.


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In a large enterprise especially if governmental, they add your profile
to the network with User permissions only. This allows you to read
e-mail, surf the web or produce and edit documents. It does not allow
you to install software and in our case, Download music or podcast
content. They do that to save on hard disk space and on man power for
reinstalls due to viruses or badly produced third party software. Those
restrictions are why any adaptive technology or piece of software runs
into problems while installing.
I'm relying on memory as to the "Run jaws at start-up" option.
If memory serves me well, the option is present when you are not logged
on as administrator on your xp machine.

Regards / Mes respects

Guy Castonguay

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