Moderated Re: how to change advanced power settings in windows


Try this


Hit the windows key

Then type connections

Then hit view network connections from the results

Then right click on your connection , like wifi for example

Select properties and hit enter

Then on the networking tab click on configure

Then  from the opened adapter properties dialog go to the power management tab

Then uncheck the box that allows windows to turn off this device

Then apply and ok out of the opened dialogs

And close the connections window

And you are done


I hope that helps




From: James English
Sent: 18 October 2021 13:25
Subject: how to change advanced power settings in windows



I know this is a general windows question but I'm getting close to

throwing my laptop through a wall here and I'm wondering if anyone can


My network card in a new pc is afflicted with the popular bug in which

when the computer goes to sleep it turns off the card and it then has

an issue turning back on again. I know that this is a regular issue

and I knew how to fix it, however I've recently found out that windows

appears to have decided to get rid of the power management tab in

device manager.

I've tried creating the CSEnabled key in the registry as the internet

has suggested but still no luck.

Does anyone know of a way of stopping windows from turning off the

network card, or am I going to have to purchase a new network card?

Would appreciate any help people can give me.

- James






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