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James English

Hi Richard,

I was given to understand that a lot of the 'minimum specs' this time
were in place because microsoft has strangely decided it cares about
your security. I don't think it's because they're required for
functionality, but more because microsoft thinks it owns your

On 10/18/21, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
I don't think there is necessarily a need for a clean install, you can
always do one if you find there are issues, but I would do the in-place
upgrade first and if all is well you save yourself a lot of time.

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Subject: Re: windows 11


I have received an update notice that Windows 11 is available for my
computer, however, I was informed, that the download could not go ahead
because, I do not have the necessary function turned on in the BIOS. As I
have said previously, I am going to wait for at least 6 months to a year,
before I upgrade. And, when I do upgrade, I will probably perform a new
install of Windows 11.


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From: Madison Martin<>
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Subject: Re: windows 11

Glad to know, however I know that Windows 10 eventually won’t be supported
anymore and then I’ll have to upgrade so I figure I might as well do it once
I get it. Is there any way to find out when my PC might get it?

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Hey guys, this message is particularly for those who are quite anxious to
run Windows 11 in your computers. You are not missing absolutely anything.

Leo Bado.

"It seems to me that I will always be happy in the place where I am not."
Paul Auster. "City of Glass"

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Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: windows 11

He seems to think the world will end if he can't run Windows 11. You are of
course entirely correct, installing Windows 11 by some sort of hack is
probably the worst thing you can do and there is absolutely no reason for
it. I still hear of things like File Explorer being fairly sluggish with all
screenreaders in Windows 11 and while I am also curious about Windows 11, I
am in no particular hurry and have a feeling that once I do maybe install it
on the one computer I currently own which says it can run it I will be
underwhelmed and find that on a day-to-day bases it will make little

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Sent: October 15, 2021 5:17 AM
Subject: Re: windows 11

Why would you want to install an unsupported operating system? My
understanding is that if you do, you may not get security updates. I'd
install the latest version of windows 10 and be content, even if you really
want 11, you probably don't want it for the first six months, unless you
like using your computer for a door stop instead of a computer. Leave the
first little while to those with spare computers.

On 10/14/2021 22:31, Marvin Hunkin wrote:
Hi. My processor I 3 7020 u processor not supported. And some one was
saying they are getting updates for now. Should I install windows 11 now on
my current system. Got the pc health check and only thing not supported my
processor. Have not got 21 h 2 for windows 10, but not much. And Microsoft
will their efforsts on windows 11, not windows 10. From I read. So have
everything backed up to my external drive. Do I just install the iso,
manually, or can I do this over the top of use the media creation tool.
Got jaws 2022 beta 2 on my laptop testing.
And nvda 2021.2. any thoughts.
What would you do. Looking to purchase a new laptop in the next three to
four months, December or January probably early December or maybe mid
December, as mid going in for my ioedene treatment and they have to then
clean and take away my laptop when I come out after three days. And so
looking to purchase a new asuss, with a faster 16 gb ram, 1 to 2 tb ssd
drive, audio jack, great audio, 15 inch screen.
Thanks.processor,radioactive January .concentrate 7

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