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Glenn / Lenny

I'll check it out, thanks Al.

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Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2021 4:42 PM
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Hi Glenn,


I’m very sorry for not replying to your inquiry sooner.  Since you are interested in a flip phone, if you can look at the LG Classic L 125 DL, I’m sure you would like it.  If you need a 5G phone this is not the one.  It’s just a 4G version.  I don’t know if LG has come out with a 5G version of this flip phone. 


Hope this helps?


Al Sorrentino




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Subject: OT Flip Phone


Hi, since this is OT, please respond just to me instead of the list if you can.

I have a Kyrosera flip phone, and I want to get a new flip phone.

I'm using Verizon, but I may switch if Verizon does not have a good phone.

The voice on mine sucks and it makes it hard to use.

Thanks for any recommendations.


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