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Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Hello Richard,
Unfortunately, I have not encountered this issue, as to me the command
creates consecutive footnotes, using office 365.
I am always ready to help, if I can,
Take care,

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Subject: Re: Word, Footnotes and JAWS

Hello Takis,

I tried this, and control+alt+f only works for the first footnote.

If I keep writing, and want to addd a second footnote, how is this done?
I checked the Microsoft help, but it mentions the Review Tab and I didn't
find anything on Footnotes there.


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Subject: Re: Word, Footnotes and JAWS

Hi Tom/all,
Yes, word has a shortcut and it's all very useful, perhaps not as handy as
that by the old wordperfect. When you type and want to insert a footnote,
just press control-alt-f and it will open with the corresponding number.
Once you have typed it, just arrow up if it is the first one and you will
get yourself back to main text. My suggestion which works is to use
alt-home, then alt-end which gets you back to where the note was inserted.
If I want to look at a note I usually hit alt-shift-e and read it albeit in
a way of preview, but it is quicker than the technique suggested to read it
without having to speed that.
Hope this helps,

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Subject: Word, Footnotes and JAWS

Does anyone know of a good but easy way of using Footnotes in Word with
JAWS? I have to write a few things where I'll need to footnote or document
my sources, like title and page number.
I don't remember what that looks like from school. Does Word have an area
you can use for footnotes, like you do for headers? Does it work using JAWS?

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