moderated Issue regarding VLC media player.

Albert Cutolo

Good morning everyone, 


Just wanted all of you too know, that I was able too start playing the ACB New York state convention  Stream with VLC media player.  Now, I have some questions regarding there options.  The shortcut options say that if you want too raise the volume, you should press the alt I key.   If you want too lower it says that you should hit the alt key E.  and too mute the playing of the particular stream that you are listening too, hit the alt key M key. I do have audio ducting enable using Jaws 2021 latest version, and am running windows 10.  Could  this be causing any of those combinations keys that I listed above, be the cause of the problem that I’m having?  Or should I call the Microsoft disability answer desk, too uninstall my current version of VLC media player, and install it again?  The thing is, I can’t even get any new updates that might be available. 


Any help or advice about this ongoing issue would be very much appreciated. 


Al  However when I’m trying too hit any of these combinations keys,  I can’t raise the volume, or hit the key combination M key too mute a media stream, none of them seem too work

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