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re: client-server applications

Citrix is not a VPN, it is a way of creating a "remote" interface to a server application (such as a database), that typically runs on a LAN (local area network).

Typically, a VPN connection from a remote location would be used to support "secure" connections/logins to an application on a Citrix server inside an organization's firewall.

Citrix is a fairly ancient technology, but has its strengths (and many more weaknesses).

My guess is that the agency you are working for implemented its database applications a very long time ago on Citrix, and has not been able to find the money or will to redesign the application on better technology.

In its original form, it was the solution to the problem of providing access to high quality server resources (running expensive application services) from low-end client PCs.

You could think of it was an attempt to mimic a super expensive mainframe on a moderate priced local area network. Your "low-end" client PC mimics the function of the old mainframe "data entry terminals".

Cloud computing will supposedly make legacy technologies like Citrix even more obsolete than they aleardy are.

Sorry about your headache and confusion, this stuff is the ugly underbelly of IT. Let it settle in slowly. don't worry about understanding everything immediately.

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Here are more questions then. I don't remember making mention of
Citrix, but we do actually use that. There is a state database on
Citrix that has all client information on it.
I work for a state vocational rehabilitation agency.

As it stands, I cannot use Citrix to get into this database because Jaws
is obviously installed on my, and a few other users' machines. From my
understanding, Citrix would need to be installed on that server
statewide, in order for me to be able to use it to access the client

So, the IT solution is to come down and install physical copies of Jaws
and the database on my laptop, so that I will have instant access
In other words, I'll be able to launch the client database from the
laptop, instead of having to log into it remotely.

So, are there many others using Citrix with Jaws, and if so, what
capacity do you use it in?


PS. All of this is giving me a headache; I am becoming more confused,
by the minute.

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