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I just tried this with the renewal form and found it extremely accessible using Adobe DC and the Jaws 2022 Beta.
Did you make sure you downloaded the correct form? You should have this one if this is your first passport application:

PPTC 153, Adult General Passport Application

Also, make sure you save it to your computer and then open it, when you click on it on the website it most likely opens in Edge or whichever browser you are using and here you can't fill it out, you have to first save it.
As you fill it out there is a save button after you complete each page which you should click to proceed to the next page, in fact, you may have to click it, I just did because after the final field on a page this is where I landed so I clicked it and after that I ended up on the next page.

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Hi all,
I'm trying to apply for a new Canadian passport, but I'm having trouble filling out the application, reading it isn't going supper grate either. I open pdfs using Adobe, any ideas of anything I can try so that I can fill out the application? I know I could get sighted help, but I'd really like to try filling it out on my own first if at all possible. Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10. Really hope someone can help me!! Thanks Madison

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