moderated Re: question about activating links in a Word document

Bill White

Hi, Madison. I seem to be having trouble sending to from this
address this morning, so I had to send this twice. That's because, usually,
when you open a Word document, you are
in edit mode. This means that, when you press ENTER, SPACE, or other keys,
you are inserting something into the document. Try pressing JAWS key plus Z
first, to turn on navigation keys, and take you out of edit mode.

Bill White

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Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 12:39 PM
Subject: question about activating links in a Word document

Hi all,
Not sure if this would be a Jaws or Word question so that's why I'm posting
on hear.
When I have a Word document with links in it whether that be email addresses
web addresses is there any way to have them open when I enter on them? Right
when I try and do this the only thing that happens is that a blank line gets
placed in the document. If there isn't then that's fine I'm simply curious
that's all. Using latest versions of Jaws, Office 365 and Windows 10. Any
help/suggestions are greatly appreciated as always!! Thanks Madison

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