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Chris Hill

Why would you want to install an unsupported operating system?  My understanding is that if you do, you may not get security updates.  I'd install the latest version of windows 10 and be content, even if you really want 11, you probably don't want it for the first six months, unless you like  using your computer for a door stop instead of a computer.  Leave the first little while to those with spare computers.


On 10/14/2021 22:31, Marvin Hunkin wrote:

Hi. My processor I 3  7020 u processor not supported. And some one was saying they are getting updates for now. Should I install windows 11 now on my current system. Got the pc health check and only thing not supported my processor. Have not got 21 h 2 for windows 10, but not much. And Microsoft will  their efforsts on windows 11, not windows 10. From I read. So have everything backed up to my external drive. Do I just install the iso, manually, or can I do this over the top of use the media creation tool.

Got jaws 2022 beta 2 on my laptop testing.

And nvda 2021.2. any thoughts.

What would you do. Looking to purchase a new laptop in the next three to four months, December or January probably early December or maybe mid December, as mid  going in for my  ioedene treatment and they have to then clean and take away my laptop when I come out after three days. And so looking to purchase a new asuss, with a faster  16 gb ram, 1 to 2 tb ssd drive, audio jack, great audio, 15 inch screen.

Thanks.processor,radioactive January .concentrate 7


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