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Milton Ota


If he has FSReader installed with a copy of JAWS, he should be able to open a epub book/file. If the file is properly formatted with headings he should be able to navigate it like a web page.

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A friend of mine, who is not on the list, is having a real problem obtaining a free accessible epub reader as can be seen below. Can anyone offer a solution or even a way of installing Adobe Digital while avoiding the Norton trial offer?

Following are some of the programs he has tried along with the results:

I have tried bookworm which would only extract with 7zip but running the installer triggers a security warning from windows 10 windows defender.
I have tried browser extension addons which are supposed to allow the user to read epub books but these did not seem to be accessible.

Another is Adobe Digital, the latest version, it comes bundled with a Norton trial offer. The norton installer window is not accessible which prevents adobe digital from fully installing unless you can click agree or no thank you in the norton trial window. Unfortunately the negative option can not be located.

Calab will convert between different ebook formats when used through the command line or bat files but can not be used through the g u i as it is totally inaccessible.

So does anyone know of an accessible free epub reader apart from those listed above or a way to get around the Nortons trial offer?


I would also like to know of a free accessible Epub program.

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