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I can say that its a kind of co-incident.
Since yesterday, the basic html feature has back and i was also facing the same challenge and without signing out i was able to fix the issue.

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Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2021 7:45 AM
Subject: Re: Unable to load Basic HTML view in Gmail

What a relief! As Soronel suggested the Sign out, sign in worked.
Basic HTML is back for me.

On 10/14/21, Soronel Haetir <> wrote:
I suspect you do but I only have one account so can't check.

On 10/13/21, Dani Pagador <> wrote:
I don't see the "Set Basic HTML View as Default" option either. I
just see "Standard" and then "Learn More". Glad it's not just me.

You wrote: "To use basic from the
outset I now have to use a bookmark (to the page that comes up when I
hit the basic HTML button)."

If you have more than one account, do you need to bookmark each
account's Inbox separately when you change to the Basic HTML view to
have the mailbox's webpage open in Basic HTML?


On 10/13/21, Soronel Haetir <> wrote:
The basic view as default no longer works the way it used to.

Used to be (with basic as default) I could simply go to ""
and it would load the page with the basic HTML view already set. Now
if I go to it loads the standard view and I have to hit
the basic HTML button for each separate visit. To use basic from the
outset I now have to use a bookmark (to the page that comes up when
I hit the basic HTML button).

It's not a change I'm particularly happy with but I've at least
mostly made the mental switch.

On 10/13/21, Jeff Christiansen <> wrote:
The set Basic view as default appears at the bottom of the page
after you have made the change to basic view.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 2:53 PM
Subject: Re: Unable to load Basic HTML view in Gmail

I was having trouble yesterday, but managed to be able to load the
Basic HTML view for my various GMail accounts this morning.
Hopefully it stays that way all day.

It seems as though they've taken away the ability to keep this as
the default view, though. For the past few days, I've had to toggle
it on when I've logged in to the web interface. I can't find the
"set Basic HTML as the default view" that I used to see before, and
it isn't under the Settings, either. (Sight dependent people seem
to like the Standard view better; when my husband needs to find
something in my e-mail, he sets it to Standard view, and I'd find
it that way the next time I log in. Imho, it's not very JFW or
this-user friendly.)

More Later,

On 10/13/21, Patrick Johnson <> wrote:
You are not the only one experiencing issues loading the basic html
version. Gmail has been flaky multiple times over the past few weeks
with trying to load the basic html version. Only advise, take a break
and try again after an hour or two.
Google hangouts appears to be accessible for the most part with JAWS,
but the screen reader access documentation is lacking.


On 10/13/21, Soronel Haetir <> wrote:
Don't know, it still works here. Maybe try actually logging out then
signing back in? It's been years since I have actually signed out of
gmail, even with switching computers since I always keep the old

On 10/12/21, turab chimthanawala <> wrote:
Hi all,
I am unable to load Basic HTML view in Gmail. It says temporary
Tried on 2 laptops and on Chrome as well as on firefox. The problem
persists with my other account as well. What could be the issue?


Turab Chimthanawala

Soronel Haetir

Soronel Haetir

Soronel Haetir


Turab Chimthanawala

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