moderated Re: What program is best when it comes to making a system image?

Chris Hill

No, the system image is different.  The backup utility is best if you might need to restore something like data files, the image is to restore the whole system since individual files aren't easy to access.  I don't think the backup has been touched since windows 7, and they were trying to kill the image feature a few years ago in 10.  Best to get a program from someone else to handle these functions, the Microsoft backup is just sad and the image is useful, unless you wish to make several and then put them on one backup drive.


On 10/13/2021 08:36, Justin Williams wrote:

I have a solid state harddrive.


Tried just to back up my system with windows 10, and couldn't seem to get it done.


Is that the same as a system image?





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I have had very good luck making a full system image backup and restoring my laptop after installing a new solid state drive with the free version of Macrium Reflect.  You have to use the JAWS cursor occasionally for navigation but accessibility is quite good.

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