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Brent Harding

If you had an IPhone, maybe there's an app for the RSA part, but Paypal has the ability to use the VIP one which is from Verisign/Symantech, and it's perfect with IOS. There's all kinds of ways companies skin that one, but it doesn't have to be the access nightmare I thought it was when I first heard of such a thing.

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VPN: A virtual private network.
It a connectivity tool used by many organizations. I use that connection when I work from home. I have no problems with it, I have all my applications on my local machine and I have full access to my network drives.

The one area that can be a problem is the logon method. We use RSA Security. There is a hardware token [its like a little calculator looking] version which is totally inaccessable. I use a "soft token" this is a software version of the hardware token and is with some jaws scripting it is usable.

Tom Bisset
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What is a VPN and will it affect my using Jaws, in any way?


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