moderated Re: What program is best when it comes to making a system image?


I absolutely hate, "What is the best . . .," questions about anything because best is really very subjective.

Macrium Reflect is a very good tool, its free version is more than adequate for any home user (and many small business users, thought they cannot use it under the license terms), and I wrote a tutorial about using it with a screen reader:  Using Macrium Reflect Free with a Screen Reader


There are very precious few backup and recovery options that are accessible on the recovery side, and those I know about are paid.  I don't even worry about the recovery side as very few people DIY the recovery.  But because the recovery virtually always is in an environment that is not Windows, there's no screen reader support for it, much like there is not for UEFI/BIOS.

But having a backup for anyone to recover from, including yourself with sighted assistance if the need arises, is vastly preferable to losing everything or having to pay hundreds of dollars, minimum, to send a failed HDD out to a data recovery facility.  And at this time recovery fees for SSDs is at least double to triple what it costs to recover a HDD.

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