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VPN typically provides an encrypted connection to an organization's authentication (login) system via a port in a firewall that is open to the public.

This is very useful for "remote users", such as people that work at home, or from branch offices, and so forth.

Without an encrypted connection, the network packets flowing to/from the firewall can be "sniffed" by hacking tools to reveal a user's login information, or other organizational data that exposes the organization to loss of sensitive data that is protected by law such as SSN, medical data, academic data, credit card or other financial data, etc.

If you work with information that is legally protected, you need to be very vigilant, and comply with your organization's security policies and best practices.

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VPN: A virtual private network.
It a connectivity tool used by many organizations. I use that connection when I work from home. I have no problems with it, I have all my applications on my local machine and I have full access to my network drives.

The one area that can be a problem is the logon method. We use RSA Security. There is a hardware token [its like a little calculator looking] version which is totally inaccessable. I use a "soft token" this is a software version of the hardware token and is with some jaws scripting it is usable.

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