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And it sounds like you are still using Windows 7 so I would say until you fully test this with Windows 10 and 11 now that people are starting to upgrade a safer option is to go with one of the many utilities out there who are made for this.
Even if it did work with Windows 10/11 there are many who may not feel like going through the steps of making this talking WinPE disk or drive and then using 7Zip which again most standard users don't have or need since Windows has a built-in zip utility and to then exclude these 2 other files you mention and so on.
This may be what you prefer because you enjoy tinkering with it, but I think most users want to run a utility which does the job and be done with it. I started out with computers probably around the same time as you or maybe even earlier and remember the days when all sorts of little tricks and modifications made things a little better, but I now sure enjoy an experience where I can basically install Windows out of the box without having to do a lot of stuff other than maybe changing a couple of things in File Explorer options, turning off fast startup or putting my user folder on the desktop etc.

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Have you ever tried to restore that?  Frankly, I don't think you are getting it all, that sounds like a nice way to back up all the files on the system, but that isn't the same thing as an image.


On 10/12/2021 08:44, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
When I make a system image, I boot to a talking WinPE either on CD or
USB, and zip it up with 7Zip.
There are two files that don't need to be zipped when doing this,
because they are just windows temporary files, and they are typically
as big as the amount of RAM your system has.
They are hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys They are both in the C: root,
and cannot be deleted while your version of windows is running, but if
you boot to WinPE you can delete them, and then proceed to make an
image of the C: drive.
Then when you reboot, windows will recreate these files.
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Hi list members, i want to make a system image, but i’m not sure which
program that i should use.  Are there any accessible programs that are
built in that we could use to make a system image?  I want to use this
for my c drive.  What program is built in that does this with
accessibility for the blind built in. Thank you for any information
that you might have concerning this question.

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