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As I'm sure your know, or can imagine, in some large organizations, there is so much inefficiency and dysfunctional culture that the IT support people closest to a visually impaired user may not have access (no pun intended) to the enterprise licensing and other relevant support information needed. Or they may simply be prohibited by the organization's policies and/or license terms from interacting with FS tech support.

There are far worse IT support horror stories than can be told in detail on a public list.

Please note that the original discussion was not about FS support, but rather about the difference between "real" accessibility in Enterprise Software packages and legal "compliance" by large corporations with deep pockets and large legal departments, and/or lobbying representation.

FS has adapted their business model to malformed market conditions, they didn't create those conditions, in any direct way.

FS has adapted their software implementation to an inadequate operating system architecture which they didn't create.

Some people might object, feeling that FS has "sold out" blind customers in order to stay in the game of legal compliance played by corporations and other organizations that are run in a cynical, dehumanizing, bizarro manner.

The reality, like it or not, is that FS is a business, not an advocacy group.

When the market for accessibility products is distorted in the manner that it has been, it is inevitable that some company will end up selling out and pandering to the lowest instincts of the majority interest groups buying the product.

This is a consequence of "legislating morality".

In other words, people are not perfect, society is not perfect, accessibility is not implemented or enforced perfectly, etc.

People can come to their own conclusions about whether or not society in general is better off with things like ADA compliance bureaucracy and the resulting market distortions, or not.

People can come to their own conclusions about whether or not the individuals that work in the compliance bureaucracy are really working for the best interests of disabled people, or to advance their own careers.

The reality is that people that fail to conform to the dark, evil forces that are prevalent in many large organizations are frequently targeted for mistreatment, made into scapegoats, and bullied.

Any worker that is subject to such conditions should be aware that they can reach out to labor activists or labor lawyers for support.

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Have any of these so-called helpful people bothered to call Freedom
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