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Exactly, you can get a new laptop any time and why not wait and see what the next Windows 10 update includes. In any case the new Intel and AMD processors are now either released or will be very soon so if you buy a laptop in March or April you can probably get a much better deal on an 11th Gen Intel or AMD Ryzen 5000 series laptop which will then come with Windows 11 preinstalled. I have been looking at high-end Lenovo business laptops here in Canada and while they often say that they come with Windows 10 Pro and include a free upgrade to Windows 11, I haven't seen a single one yet which has Windows 11.  For the most part it will be very late this year and early 2022 when we see more laptops shipping with Windows 11.

Also, just my 2 Cents worth, going from 16 to 32 Gb of RAM is a waste of money which will have little or no benefit for what most of us do and the same goes with the 2 Tb SSD. I have been playing around on the Lenovo site customizing some of the Thinkpads I liked and each upgrade (16 Gb to 32 Gb or RAM) and going from 512 Gb to 1 TB let alone 2 TB SSD) costs hundreds of Dollars. If you make sure your system can still accommodate a regular 2.5 inch hard drive you are much better off getting a 512 Gb SSD for Windows and all your applications and then to have a larger 2 or 4 TB regular hard drive for all your data.

In the end it's all about what you can comfortably spend, if your budget is between $1,000 or $1,500 then there is no point looking at systems which cost twice that much and you will find plenty of systems for under $1,500 even in Australian currency if the market is anything like Canada.


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Lack of windows 11 support alone seems like a silly reason to upgrade a laptop at the present time.  As long as they keep it secure, what will you be missing? 

In upgrading, you need to really examine what you're actually doing with the machine.  For me, for example, when i look in task manager with 16 gb ram, I find half of it unused most of the time.  I'd never install 32, hibernate takes longer for no benefit to my

use.  Also, processors, once you get past a core I5 or amd equivalent, are not really beneficial unless you're doing very specific tasks.  Imo, save your money unless your computer is giving you a problem, better deals will happen once some of the shortages end.




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Hi. Got a asuss vivo book x 540 uar laptop running windows 10 64 bit pro, a intel I 3 7 2.3 ghz quad core proecessor with 4 or 6 cores, 8 gb ram, 512 gb ssd. And running jaws 2021 , and jaws 2022 beta and nvda 2021.2. now going for surgery on October 29, and then about 8 weeks later going for radiactive iodenne treatment. Cannot upgrade to windows 11. And was reading an article from windows central the other day, that 21 h2, windows 10 may be the last feature update, maybe security updates, but Microsoft then concentrating all their efforst for developing windows 11. Now. Audio is realtech dolby audio and great audio now need a new laptop and will be taking mine into about mid January. 2022. Now then they take it away for a few weeks to clean. Almost 3 years old this machine. Now. My question is: do I go for a asuss laptop maybe more zen book, and what’s the s model, everyday model and the vivo book. A fast amd or intel 11 th gen processor looking at 16 to 32 gb ram, and also a 1 to 2 tb solid state drive. And do have 512 gb solid state drive. Headphone audio jack as some models don’t have this. Latest ports, camera, good microphone, good base audio speakers. So do I go with a assuss, dyno book, which is toshiba’s new range in Australia, hp, Lenovo, or dell, and they did have a bad reputation a few years back. Are they better now. Looking for expert advice. And need a laptop with a physical num pad, some laptops like the zen book dual was looking at, only a touch screen number pad, soany ideas or thoughts, and in Australia. So any one from Australia on this list.

Thanks.. A 15.6 inch

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