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Marianne Denning

I tried to learn to use VO on a Mac and gave up. I really prefer to use Windows and JAWS. I know that  is because I learned JAWS first. There is really a big difference between VO on your iPhone and VO on a Mac. I thought it was learning to use a text to speech system all over.


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Brian,  I understand your point, but this is my question. Lots of us have iPhones and use windows. Since I am so used to doing a lot on my iPhone, since it is the same OS as a Mac computer, how much more is there to learn? Yes, keystrokes are different but outside of that, why would it be so hard?  Judy & Libby


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On Sat, Oct 9, 2021 at 05:37 PM, Richard Turner wrote:

If you already know one system; I'd stick with that system.

They are quite different, and unlearning one to switch to another is a lot of work.

Amen!  Amen!!  Amen!!!

And this is without regard to visual status.  It is always a non-trivial undertaking to learn a new operating system, be it Windows, Linux, or MacOS when you are already well versed in one of those.  And it's insanely frustrating, not that it cannot be done, because so much of what you do under any operating system becomes so familiar as to be almost like breathing.  When, suddenly, almost everything you have been doing for years on autopilot requires thought, and involves making mistakes as part of the process, it's just plain frustrating

If you have a good reason for switching, then go for it.  And there can be good reasons.  But if you don't already know what a good reason would be, then you don't have one.  Avoid needless pain.

At this point both Windows and MacOS are very accessible.  And the advent of a real screen reader in the form of Narrator, that's still being improved constantly, as a part of Windows takes away a favoring of MacOS because VoiceOver is built-in.  And even if Narrator weren't there, NVDA cannot be discounted as a full-functioning, free (though donations are strongly encouraged for those who can afford them) screen reader for Windows.

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