Re: how are .pdf files constructed to best work with JAWS?



I see this quite a bit too, both on the job and in personal use. Sometimes, the files even open up, and when I arrow down with Jaws, it is reading it to me but either word by word or letter by letter.


On 4/18/2012 11:32 AM, wrote:
I have found on several occasions to open a .pdf file in Acrobat Reader to find that the document is comprised of say 3 or 4 colums. And the data has like the name in column 1, the address in column 2, and the phone in column 3.

But the thing is, that JAWS will read it all down column 1, and then to column 2, etc.
Meaning that the connections between the adjacent field is lost, or made quite difficult.

I do not know enough to tell folks, so I ask you.
How may we tell people to construct these type of files in such a way that this does not occur?

I suppose it may vary according to which software was used to create it.

But I thought perhaps there is some descriptive terms to even better describe what I just tried to tell you all.


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