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JM Casey

Windows updates dont’ occur that frequently and theyr’e usually painless.

From what you described, your needs are pretty minimal. Granted, I avoid all Apple products, but speaking as objectively as I can, you could definitely get away with a cheap PC and be fine for several years. People sell decent computers all the time; look around local markets. The laptop I paid $200 for runs Windows 10 just fine, and has plenty of ports for plugging in peripherals. It even has a CD/dvd drive/burner.



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well my concern is window always update  and get new computer and paying more for Jaws


and mac don't to paying voiceover or get new computer more often


what I want to use computer just formemail and website that it or yeah and  files  


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It all depends on your needs, wants and finances. When I went blind I bought my first Mac, I had used Windows for nearly 20 years at that point in time. You will have to pry my Mac out of my dead cold hands, I currently on a Windows machine and I hate it.

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hi Rosie here...

I wonder which is better or best to get new computer window or mac?



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