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1. You don't need to use JAWS.  If the expense of JAWS is a concern to you, then consider both NVDA and Narrator.

2.  Apple hardware, all of it, whether computers or smartphones, is significantly more expensive than Windows hardware in the same class.

3.  Windows Updates have been, as a general rule, a non-issue.  And with the advent of Windows 11 feature updates are to occur only once per year rather than the current twice per year under Windows 10.  And, to be honest, I think that policy will end up being back ported to Windows 10.

4.  Hardware ages at about the same rate of speed no matter what the operating system.  You don't necessarily get longer life out of Apple computers than Windows computers.  The problem is, that even the cheapest Apple (which isn't cheap by a long shot) is much more expensive than the entry-level crap available in the PC world.  But people try to compare entry level PC hardware, which is generally awful, with entry level Macs, and the two are not even vaguely of the same class of hardware.  And when the hardware itself is comparable, the price of PCs in the same class is generally quite a bit lower.

5. Your self-described intended uses do not require a high-end PC or Mac.  Basic emailing, web browsing, streaming, and using office suite programs will work just fine on a mid-grade PC.  Buying a high-end PC for such use is a colossal waste of money.

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