moderated Re: two Microsoft word questions.

Adrian Spratt

Two minor additions. First, as Richard (I think it was) said, once you’ve typed the search and replacement terms, the shortcut to search and replace all terms is alt-a.

Second, to get out of search-and-replace, I find I need to press the escape key twice.


From: <> On Behalf Of CJ &AA MAY
Sent: Saturday, October 9, 2021 3:45 AM
Subject: Re: two Microsoft word questions.


I’m not sure I’m understanding the first part of your message properly, but if you are already in a Word document and want to find and change a word, then use control h and type the word you want to change. Then use the tab key to find the edit field where you want to type the alternative word. You can choose to do this just once or make the changes for every occurrence. Then tab to ok.





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Sent: 09 October 2021 04:16
Subject: two Microsoft word questions.


Hi all,

First, I am writing a word document, and I want to replace a person’s name with a different name. Isn’t there a way to find the name in the document, and replace it  with another? I thought there was a key stroke to use to find the word  you want    to replace.

Second, what is the key stroke to do a  wordcount in a document? I am using jaws 2021 office 2019 and windows ten. Jim

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