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HH. Smith Jr.

Hi Mike,

I haven't looked for a job in several years; however, like you, I will be
entering the game seeking employment after I complete my course work at
Capella University. Through the university's disability services, where
there is a joint venture with the federal government to match industry
recruiters with students with disabilities; of which can make it a little
bit easier to find employment. But to your question of learning JAWS
scripting; of which, I think is a job, does not really apply. You know what
your skillsets are and if the organization needs your skills, they will hire
you. Additionally, the fact that you showed up for the interview brings
awareness of people who are qualified for a job; of which, they could be
lacking accommodative measures; thereby, making your presence reason for
change. And if you are hired, you'll be amazed the lengths the employer and
your co-workers will do to make your job more accommodative. In a sense, you
become a "poster boy." Of which, add to their marketing strategy.
Furthermore, by asking if JAWS scripting is necessary for employment, is
only diminishing the value of your current skillset. Like I said, if you're
good, and they need what you bring to the table, they will hire you.


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Hello all,

As I conduct my job search, how important is learning jaws scripting? I know
very little about it. Can knowing it fix absolutely everything that is
inaccessible? Without knowing what job I will be accepted for, I feel lost
at where to start on learning jaws scripting, to get skilled at what needs
to be made accessible. I just know that scripting is quite a time consuming
process to learn.

What technology careers do most blind people commonly pursue? What has jaws
scripting been able to make accessible? Where has it not been helpful? Is
Jaws scripting essential, to have any successful career as a blind person?
Have any of you been successful in your jobs, without being expert
scripters? I feel a little concerned about all of this, because I wonder if
I would have been able to have been 100% independent on my previous job, had
I known scripting. Is it a panacea?

Thank you,

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