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I have been a Jaws user since the days of Microsoft DOS in 1989 and after getting a business degree from the University of Calgary opened a retail business which I have now had for over 20 years.
I am not able to write scripts, sometimes I thought it might be handy to know how to do this, but just as with many things there is a difference between knowing how to write some scripts and being really good at it. People like Brian Hartgen in the UK, Doug Lee in the US and many others who are experts in writing scripts are doing this basically as part of what they do, they are not lawyers or even IT specialists of some sort who know how to write scripts or anything like that. You can do a lot with scripts, but you can't do everything with scripts so in my opinion if you plan to work in a particular field then be the best at what it is you choose to do and don't worry too much about being able to write Jaws scripts. We have a saying in Germany, it is something like "You can't dance at two weedings at the same time" meaning focus on what you do and be good at it. If currently you are not studying or working and you have the time to learn scripting them by all means go for it, it certainly won't hurt, but don't sweat it if you don't know how to write scripts, that is why there are people who are real experts and can do it for you.

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Hello all,

As I conduct my job search, how important is learning jaws scripting? I know very little about it. Can knowing it fix absolutely everything that is inaccessible? Without knowing what job I will be accepted for, I feel lost at where to start on learning jaws scripting, to get skilled at what needs to be made accessible. I just know that scripting is quite a time consuming process to learn.

What technology careers do most blind people commonly pursue? What has jaws scripting been able to make accessible? Where has it not been helpful? Is Jaws scripting essential, to have any successful career as a blind person? Have any of you been successful in your jobs, without being expert scripters? I feel a little concerned about all of this, because I wonder if I would have been able to have been 100% independent on my previous job, had I known scripting. Is it a panacea?

Thank you,

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