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Andrew J. LaPointe

Hi, I would greatly benefit to set up some mail rules as sometimes I miss an email.  I have tons of mail everyday. I always seem to mess up he rules and pull the hair out of my head trying to fix it.  Can you explain a few samples of setting up a mail rule? I am using office 365 with the latest jaws with windows 10.  Thanks so much in advance. Andy and Leroy


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Subject: Re: outlook 2019 with jaws 2019 and activating mail rules


Sad to say, with my version of jaws 2021 and running the latest version of Outlook, jaws does the same thing as what you mentioned


Only NVDA will tell, activate or disable rules in that dialog area.

Even the Narrator has better  respond in that area.

Thomas N. Chan



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When I am in the list of my mail rules, I can’t see with jaws if a rule is active without opening the mail rule.

In the mail rule, in the last screen, there I can turn on/off the checkbox to enable/disable the rule.

I supose, I can turn on/off the mailrule from the rulelist but Jaws isn’t giving any feedback.


Is this normal/known bug or doe I need a specific setting?

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