moderated OT, FaceBook Messenger Scam

Glenn / Lenny

Hi All,
Just thought I'd alert folks, and pass this on...
People's Facebook accounts are getting hacked and the hackers will contact their friends posing as your friend, through Messenger letting them know about a grant they received, and that there is an agent who will help you to get a grant too.
One way to find out if it is a hack, You can message the person asking for the answer to a question that only that person would know, that did not come up on FB, like the name of your cat or something, and they will be revealed as the hacker.
I was contacted by the hacker of my sister-in-law's account on this today.
Eventually they get to asking you for your personal information, and that is when I knew it was a scam.
So I looked it up on-line, and I found references to the same scam.

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