moderated Re: Has Windows finally developed a screen curtain like Apple has for Voice over

Jim Weiss <jimweiss72@...>

There is not one in Win 10, and I haven’t played with Win 11 enough to answer that question. JAWS has a screen curtain that I believe was introduced in 2020. As far as Steve’s comment about the system crashing, the screen curtain would not remain active as it is only on until JAWS is reset (or in the case of MacOS or iOS until the device is reset). Meaning if you are using JAWS and logout or reboot the machine the screen curtain is off until you turn it back on again. If the machine crashes and reboots or is forced to reboot the screen curtain will be off until you reactivate it again.
Jim Weiss

On Oct 7, 2021, at 7:08 AM, turab chimthanawala <turabhvc@...> wrote:

Hi all,
Is there a screen curtain in Windows? If not anyway I can prevent
people spoofing in when I type in some personal content?


Turab Chimthanawala

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