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Howard Traxler

I have a very small cassette player that was made for just that purpose.  I think it even came with software.  It was about $25, I think, and I never used it.  Still in the box.


On 10/5/2021 2:46 PM, JM Casey wrote:

Hey again.

You found it? Interesting. I found stuff that seems to be cassette to mp3 converters, but nothing with that name specifically. In fact when I try to search just now using the phrase you mentioned “danse reuse cassette to mp3” I get precisely nothing. Can you point me to the product page or whatever you found? Curious now.

So is this a piece of software or a piece of hardware?

Maybe you could test out your uncle’s.

However if you already have a tape deck – audaccity is free and goldwave only costs about $40 if I remember right.



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Hi JM,

I think I spelled it right, but going off a text in my iPhone.

I think it’s called Danse Reuse.

I did a Google search and it came up for I think $60, but not sure if I want to purchase it yet. Not sure if it’s accessible.

Thanks for your input.




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I can’t find that specific product that you m entioned online. Are you sure that’s what it’s called?

In any case, there are apparently standalone cassette to MP3 converters. I have never seen sucha  thing, but why don’t you ask your uncle more about it? Perhaps you can try it for yourself.

I would personally just get a tapedeck and plug into PC, using something like goldwave or audacity to digitse, but that’s just me.

I’ll probably be doing this soon as someone just dropped off a tape deck for me the other day. Looks like something from the 80s. May have a mechanical issue though. Now where the hell do I take a cassette deck to get repaired? Haha


P.S.: Why do you always put  your name in the subject line of your messages?



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Helllo List,

My uncle said he has something called Danse Reuse cassette to mp3 player.

I do not know if that product would be accessible for me.

If someone can let me I know I would appreciate.

Or is there a similar product available to allow me to convert a bunch of cassettes to mp3 to burn onto compact disc.


Jeff Lukacsena


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