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Another option would be to buy an inexpensive digital recorder, hook the output of the cassette player or deck up to the 3.5mm input on the digital recorder and record away. When you are done you plug the digital recorder into your computer where it would show up as an external drive and copy the recording to the computer in MP3 form which is what these recorders usually record in.


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Well…he said he already found the specific product online. I couldn’t, so I was wondering exactly what page he was looking at.


USB shouldn’t really have line noise, should it? Not saying it’s necessarily the greatest thing for audio transfer and if you have a mixer you should certainly use that…, but you sure that’s what the extra noise you are getting is from?



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You'll probably have beter luck Gooling for usb cassette player. Also if you already have the correct cables for the computer and components, then buying a specific usb device won't be an advantage if you already have a cassette deck that you are able to connect to the computer. I bought a usb turntable years ago and thought I would use this feature, but usb carries too much line noise for me, so I simply kept using my mixer and my cables.



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Why not just use goldwave with a cable and make MP3s.


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Helllo List,

My uncle said he has something called Danse Reuse cassette to mp3 player.

I do not know if that product would be accessible for me.

If someone can let me I know I would appreciate.

Or is there a similar product available to allow me to convert a bunch of cassettes to mp3 to burn onto compact disc.


Jeff Lukacsena


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