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You’re not wrong about anything that you said, but a lot of us have loads of cassettes, which we might want to digitise for various reasons. Some might be eprsonal stuff, things taped off the radio, lectures, presentations, interviews. A lot of bands and artists have stuff that was only ever released on cassettes and has still never been digitised. So, I wouldn’t’ dissuade anyone from doing this; I’m sure the OP knows perfectly well that he can get digital copies of just about anything that’s mainstream or known to a certain degree.


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Just how many cassettes are we talking about?  Unless these are really rare, I would not bother with converting them.  You will not be happy with the sound quality.  I would look into buying the used CD versions of the tapes  Amazon has used CDs.  Some tracks can be downloaded from the internet.  There are several websites that convert YouTube to MP3 audio or you could download Pontes Media Downloader and convert YouTube Video to MP3 or any other format you want.  This is a lot quicker than recording each cassette in real time which could take several hours and Like I said, you will not be happy with the quality.


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On 10/5/2021 1:47 PM, Jeff Lukacsena wrote:

Helllo List,

My uncle said he has something called Danse Reuse cassette to mp3 player.

I do not know if that product would be accessible for me.

If someone can let me I know I would appreciate.

Or is there a similar product available to allow me to convert a bunch of cassettes to mp3 to burn onto compact disc.


Jeff Lukacsena


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