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On Tue, Oct 5, 2021 at 03:53 PM, Madison Martin wrote:
So why is it necessary to clear cash/cookies? Don’t browsers have their own privacy settings?
Because anything/everything that's used by a computer as "an active scratch pad," and both cache and cookies are just that, will eventually develop corruptions.

Cookies do this at a much, much, much slower pace (as in it may not happen for years) than cache, which is much more continuously actively being accessed and added to, does.

Some of the most peculiar errors/misbehaviors I've ever encountered with web browsers were the direct result of cache corruption.  Thus, to me, it's simply a matter of good housekeeping to do occasional, regular clearing of cache.  And as Bill and JM have noted, over time, it's possible for a lot of junk to accumulate even in the absence of any corruption in both the browser cookie storage and cache.  Occasionally wiping that slate clean is just a good idea.

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