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Lee Anne Atkinson



Sorry to join this thread a bit late.  I too have experienced problems with JAWS interacting with Chrome.  The arrow keys work fine to navigate the page but any of the other keys like the number 2 or letter h does not work.  My only fix is to close and restart JAWS.  Annoying?  Yes.  In the grand scheme of life this is fairly minor.  Although a reliable fix wouldn't hurt!😊 


Have a good day,


Lee Anne


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Subject: Re: sometimes jaws not working with chrome


Yep that works, but you shouldn’t have to jump through these hoops.


All the best




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Subject: Re: sometimes jaws not working with chrome


Try reading Alt + tab to task switch back to refocus the page? 


On Oct 2, 2021, at 12:52 PM, Curtis Chong <chong.curtis@...> wrote:

Good morning:


Here is what I notice with JAWS and Chrome.


  1. Oftentimes, Chrome takes a while to bring up a page. Pressing INSERT+T gives you Chrome untitled.
  2. When the page actually does come up, I routinely press Numpad Plus to hear JAWS say Virtual Cursor. This is my confirmation that I can now use some of the JAWS shortcut commands to navigate through the page.
  3. Otherwise, JAWS with Chrome is working fairly well for me.




Best regards,


Curtis Chong



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Subject: sometimes jaws not working with chrome


Usually JAWS works well with chrome. But I notice that sometimes it doesn't work, like suddenly the navigation keys don't work. I try reloading the page and it doesn't work. It's a matter of time before I try something that makes it work, like restarting JAWS. But I don't know what it is going on. Maybe something on the page hasn't fully loaded? Any ideas?

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Was wondering if anyone has knowledge if Spark Instant Messenger is compatible with JAWS 2018?


Jim Rinehart

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