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Assuming that the Synth that you're using supports Spanish language, I would suggest two ways to go around this:
1. Turning on automatic language detection under text processing in setting center. This option will switch the synth language automatically based on the markup document, usually web pages or even a word document, always that the document or web page is using tags for languages. The pitfall in this option is that not all documents or pages use tags.

2. You can create profiles for voices in different languages. In this way whenever you want to switch from one language to another, you just bring up the profile dialogue box, Jaws key plus control plus s, select the name profile you want, and push enter.

I switch back and forth between English and Spanish all the time, and I have found the second option to be more efficient for me, but this is just how I Like it to be. I got a bunch of voice profiles created with different rate parameters, depending on the activity I'm trying to carry out. What I do to switch really fast among profiles is giving each profile a name starting with a unique letter, so that I can type it fast, and hit enter on the fly. For instance, The name for my default English profile is eloquence, and for this synth, I set up a profile named lat, which is eloquence using the Spanish voice, so let's say right now I want to switch to Spanish, all I do is pressing Jaws key plus control plus s, and presently, l, and hit enter.

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I am learning Spanish and want JAWS to read out in Spanish the content that is in Spanish. I write stuff in Spanish in two ways:

First, By using the English keyboard and spelling words in Spanish e.g. hablar, amigos, hola, muy bien, etc.

Alternatively, I use the Spanish keyboard where the text I type appears in Spanish.

However, the problem that I face is this. I want to be in a situation where JAWS reads the Spanish content with a Spanish accent and the English content with an English accent. If I switch to a Spanish JAWS voice, everything is read out in Spanish, even the stuff in plain English. The moment I write even a small word using Spanish characters, JAWS will read the whole sentence with a Spanish accent.
This makes the English component of the sentence impossible to decipher.

can anyone suggest ways to toggle between the English and Spanish speech synthesizers on the fly, so I can switch from one to the other mid-sentence? This way, i will be able to read the Spanish component with a Spanish accent and the English component with an English accent.

Thank you. Please do not suggest any Braille-related solutions.

Thank you.


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