moderated Reading Spanish content with JAWS

Rahul Bajaj


I am learning Spanish and want JAWS to read out in Spanish the content
that is in Spanish. I write stuff in Spanish in two ways:

First, By using the English keyboard and spelling words in Spanish
e.g. hablar, amigos, hola, muy bien, etc.

Alternatively, I use the Spanish keyboard where the text I type
appears in Spanish.

However, the problem that I face is this. I want to be in a situation
where JAWS reads the Spanish content with a Spanish accent and the
English content with an English accent. If I switch to a Spanish JAWS
voice, everything is read out in Spanish, even the stuff in plain
English. The moment I write even a small word using Spanish
characters, JAWS will read the whole sentence with a Spanish accent.
This makes the English component of the sentence impossible to

can anyone suggest ways to toggle between the English and Spanish
speech synthesizers on the fly, so I can switch from one to the other
mid-sentence? This way, i will be able to read the Spanish component
with a Spanish accent and the English component with an English

Thank you. Please do not suggest any Braille-related solutions.

Thank you.


Rahul Bajaj
Senior Resident Fellow,
Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, New Delhi, India
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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