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Christine Moore


I do tab and this is usually acceptable. However, I have noticed in two or three of my documents the tab is going quite far in till the paragraph. My PA tells me it’s almost scented. I tried yesterday doing FFF1 with help to adjust the margin or tab which was not successful. Oh my documents are default is something 2.5 or three. So not quite sure what my busy little fingers are done to make a mess of some other documents

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Christine Moore

On 1 Oct 2021, at 05:58, Adrian Spratt <> wrote:

Tab is the simplest. However, what I do to indent the first line of each paragraph automatically is the following:

Select the entire document with control-a.
Press the applications key (between the right windows and control keys).
Press p for paragraph.
Tab five times until you encounter "By" as a heading.
Arrow up five times until you hear 0.5.
Press enter.

You can make this setting the default for all documents after arriving at 0.5 but before pressing enter by tabbing several times (I think 8) until you arrive at an option to set the default. Press spacebar.

Please post again if this doesn't work for you.

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I have tried to insert an indent at the beginning of a paragraph in MS Word. Is there a simple keystroke to achieve this please?

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