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Thomas N. Chan <thomas.nchan@...>

It does close Outlook, just that it depends what outlook is doing. It might be checking emails or sending emails or whatever. you would need to eliminate the issue outlook not closing by looking by the addons and also the send and receive progress.
alt - j, s and then p.
if you stop all the tasks it's doing, then you hit alt - f4, outlook will close what it should.
if it doesn't, some addons is trying to do something or outlook is trying to close the pst or your mail files.

Thomas N. Chan

On Fri, 1 Oct 2021 at 16:04, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:



Alt F4 doesn’t close Outlook to my knowledge, it continues to run in the system tray.


I think you’d have to select Exit from the File ribbon.


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From: <> On Behalf Of kevin meyers
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Subject: Outlook saga continues


Hello, I’m using the most recent versions of windows10, Outlook 2016 and Jaws 2021. After everything looked to be fixed with the various emails, now I get a message when shutting down saying applications are running. One is Outlook and the other is Jaws. Jaws is okay to leave running. I looked at the task manager and Outlook is running in the back ground. I stop the running by pressing the delete key. I then can shut down. If I go into Outlook again, exit Outlook and then shut down I get the message about it still running. I go back to task manager and it is in the background. I stop it. I then go to the desktop where is the Outlook shortcut and press enter on it. Nothing happens. What would cause Outlook to remain running even though I got out of it by pressing alt f4? Why would it not let me back into Outlook even though I stopped it from running in task manager? Thanks, Kevin

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