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Ken Chernack

Good day.

I have been using for many years the Ultimate Mail Manager, embedded within Print Master, from Broderbund a company that has been out of business for many years, to manage my phone numbers, addresses, comments/notes and other miscellaneous data about people and companies.


Fortunately the software kept on running when Microsoft upgraded the Windows OS from XP, Windows7 and Windows10.


It is a very good place to keep your phone numbers, addresses and more, but it is time to retire it and use a current product that will work on a PC and an iPhone.


Fortunately, Jaws has worked with it quite well.


What can you suggest As a replacement product(s)?

Your opinions and thoughts  are welcomed.


Here’s my macro  user requirements for my computer and business environment.


1 is accessible via JAWS for PC usage and VoiceOver for iPhone/iPad usage 

2 able to sync data between Windows and IOS devices.

3 captures home/personal, work address and mega  data

4 allow for Comments/Notes to be retained

5 will be used by blind and sighted users

6 I am not interested in an Excel solution.

7 I want to product that is professionally supported with a 800 Help Center.

9 I would like to be able to print standard and customized reports.

10 There should be a function to group similar entries/companies/people together.

   11 Also able to customize labels such as “phone” “email” etc.

 Am I missing something important?


Thanks for your anticipated replies.

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and recommendations.





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