moderated editing a cell in Excel 2016

kevin meyers

Hello, Currently I’m using the most recent versions of windows10, Outlook 2016 and Jaws 2021. I have a number of spread sheets that have a column of cells that I’m unable to press f2 and edit them. The cells have numbers, letters and symbols. Prior to switching to a new laptop I could press f2 on a cell and then arrow left and right character by character and Jaws would say the character. I can tell I’m in the cell as when I arrow left and right the entire cell is read and I don’t move to the cell before or after the one I’m on. I can press f2 on a cell on a different column and can arrow left and right. I changed the cell format to be text and same thing happen. I then changed the format to general and still wasn’t able to move left and right in the cell. Should I use a different format? Or is there something else wrong with the column of cells? Thanks, Kevin

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