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kevin meyers

I was able to work with someone at Microsoft Accessibility to make the change. It was hard to figure out what they were doing as there was a Rooster crowing in the back ground. I’m not kidding! I know they did it through windows and not the BIOS.


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Hey Kevin


Just to clarify that this issue isn’t something to do with Office, what result do you get in general when you use F1 to F12? To test, navigate to the desktop and press the JAWS key + F12. Does JAWS announce the time as expected? If not, press the JAWS key + Function key + F12.


If you didn’t have to hold the Function key, then it’s all configured the way you want it and something else is happening in Office.


If you did have to hold the Function key, you might be lucky enough to have a laptop that has a keyboard combination to switch this behaviour; as others have suggested. For example, on my Dell, you can press Function + Escape, and on my work HP, you can press Function + Left Shift.


To find out the model of your computer:

  1. Press windows + R to load the Run box.
  2. Type “msinfo32” to load System Information and press Enter.
  3. Tab once into the System Summary list and down arrow to System Model.


Post the model name/number to the list and one of the crew here will see if a keyboard command exists. If there isn’t one and you do need to go into the UEFI setup, Sieghard makes a great point about the Microsoft accessibility team. You might have more luck the second time around.


All the best and good luck!




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Subject: Is there dramatic changes to windows10 most recent version






None of my function keys work in any Office 2016 applicaation. I had Microsoft Accessibility to see if they could turn off media keys and they couldn’t.


Any thoughts of what I could do?






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