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Regarding Amazon aps part, Amazon Appstore will be published on Microsoft Store, so Android apps that are distributed through Amazon will be installable (won’t be part of the initial release scheduled for next Tuesday at this time).




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Subject: Re: New laptop with Windows 11


You should not have any real issues with Jaws, so long as you have the latest. And of course, a new release of jfw is pending.


From what I have seen through the Windows Insider programme, Windows 11 is less cluttered. Features like the Control Panel are tidier and easier to navigate. Windows 11 allows for the running of Amazon generated apps, but I don’t know how that works. I think that if a piece of software is designed badly for accessibility, Jaws will stagger as it always has.







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To: mainBut in general – you should notice a generally good experience.


Subject: New laptop with Windows 11


Hi all,


I am buying a new laptop. It was originally going to have Windows 10 installed, but now they say it will have Windows 11. I am a JAWS user. How accessible is Windows 11 with JAWS 2022 right out of the gate? Can I run Office 2010 on Windows 11? Thanks for any help.





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