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Jaws 2022 will work fine with Windows 11, but you should absolutely not run Office 2010, it is long out of support and in my opinion you will get the best experience and support with Office 2016 via a Microsoft 365 subscription.

You can get a Microsoft Office 365 Personal for I think around $5/month ($60 a year if you are in the US). If you have other family members who would benefit from Office and the 1 TB of OneDrive storage which is also part of the subscription you can get Microsoft 365 Home for I think $99 US and you can share that with up to 5 other people, you would be the admin and invite them to share, then each of them can download Office and use it and each person gets 1 Tb of OneDrive storage.


Whether Microsoft allows you to install Office 2010 on a Windows 11 computer I don't know, given the requirements they set in place to run Windows 11 I would hope they wouldn't but who knows.


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Subject: New laptop with Windows 11


Hi all,


I am buying a new laptop. It was originally going to have Windows 10 installed, but now they say it will have Windows 11. I am a JAWS user. How accessible is Windows 11 with JAWS 2022 right out of the gate? Can I run Office 2010 on Windows 11? Thanks for any help.





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