not sure if this is a screen reader or a browser issue.

ken lawrence

Hi folks, Ken here with a question. I have just signed on to the new music based social network called Blip fm. If you’re not familiar with it, it kind of a cross between Pandora or last fm and twitter. a Blip is a song with a 150 character or less message attached and you aquire listener/followers based on the songs you add. you also give props to other DJs hwo match your taste. Anyway I’ve noticed something. when using internet explorer I have found that when I search for a song to blip, the links to preview, to blip or to flag aren’t links they just reads as text. but on firefox it reads correctly. and I can blip with no trouble. still haven’t figured out if in fact there is a screen reader issue or a browser isssue though. so can anyone tell me why something that reads as links on one browser or screen reader can’t read the same way on another? funny it reads them as text and can see them just can’t figure out that these are links. thanks,
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