moderated Re: Computer won't allow me too install windows 11.


On Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 08:54 AM, Pat Byrne wrote:
I don't think that where the computer came from makes a lot of difference.
It really doesn't.  There is plenty of hardware still on store shelves that will not meet the requirements for Windows 11.

But as you noted, Windows 10 is going to be around until 2025 (at least, I suspect there may end up being an extension, but that's pure speculation on my part) and the vast majority of hardware that cannot run Windows 11 will have reached its end of service life anyway.

For most that are incompatible, processor speed and memory has nothing to do with it.  TPM chips on the motherboard is a very recent development, relatively speaking.  The machine I'm typing on has a 4th generation i7 processor and no TPM, and it will not be able to go to Windows 11.

It all comes back to each of us will be using what Microsoft supports for our specific hardware.  If the hardware can accept Windows 11, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade.  If it doesn't, you'll just continue getting Windows 10 updates as you have been.  There's nothing any one of us can do to change this, so it's not worth even thinking about for a specific computer.  If you're buying a new one, that's a different story, but that's not what was asked about.

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