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HI Albert,
I would say, relax. You will be able to continue to do what you need to do with Windows 10 for more years than the computer will probably last.

I know you appreciate the computer and use it to meet your needs.

So, enjoy and forget about Windows 11.

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Subject: Re: Computer won't allow me too install windows 11.

Good morning everyone,

I sincerely hope that the message that I posted too this list about my not being able too install windows 11 on this computer, which I purchased through computers for the blind, appears too seem as though I'm ungreatful for what was given too me, because it does for me for the most part, enables me too b able too do what I need it for. I mainly use the computer for reading and sending emails, being able too download books from Bard, and doing searches using the internet with the chrome browser. I had too go this route, because I've had too make a lot of co-payments for medical expenses that I incurred over the last two years.

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I don't think that where the computer came from makes a lot of difference. It was an older donated computer when you received it, so by now it is probably quite elderly. We have an organization near where I live that accepts computers and re-homes them with people who have computer needs. Again, the computers that they deal with are older.
And from what I've seen, as a JAWS user, there was nothing apparent in WIN11 that made me particularly in a hurry to make the jump.
Good luck.
Pat ByrneAt 11:25 PM 9/27/2021, you wrote:

Good evening Brian and Joseph,Â

Yes, the person from the Microsoft disability answer desk, Â did run
the TPM and it did indeed came too the conclusion that this
particular computer wouldn’t be able too install windows 11. Perhaps
it is because I purchased this from computers for the blind.Â

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Subject: Re: Computer won't allow me too install windows 11.

On Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 09:20 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

We also need the exact model of this computer so we can figure out if
the computer is truly ready for Windows 11.

Not that this wouldn't be helpful, but the very latest Windows PC
Health Check that Microsoft has released is supposed to be quite
accurate as far as detecting whether the hardware on which it is being
run can be updated to Windows 11.

It sounds like the results of a run of that tool already has
specifically detected that Mr.
Cutolo's machine does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for
TPM, even if it met every other requirement. And all it takes is one
of the required bits to be missing to put the kibosh on upgrading to
Windows 11.

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