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David Diamond

Albert, if it is any consolation, I asked the MS help desk to run a diagnostic on a computer that my sister bought from Amazon a few months ago and has set to set it up.  Finally I just asked her if you are not going to set it up, just give it to me.  Well, along with other things that needed tweaking including putting on the latest version of JAWS, I thought as long as the tech is peeking in my computer, she might as well look to see if it can run windows 11.  Apparently, the processor from what I could determine from her thick accent, is not fast enough.  She re-assured me that 10 would be operational till 025.  Also she suggested I contact HP to see if there is anything they can do to fix the problem.  Call me naive, but, I’d think computers would not be sold if the processor will be shortly to slow.  Mind you, I’m buying a laptop from Amazon with just DDR 3 RAM, which I was told is pretty much obsolete now. 


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Good evening Brian and Joseph, 


Yes, the person from the Microsoft disability answer desk,  did run the TPM and it did indeed came too the conclusion  that this particular computer wouldn’t be able too install windows 11.  Perhaps it is because I purchased this from computers for the blind. 


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On Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 09:20 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

We also need the exact model of this computer so we can figure out if the computer is truly ready for Windows 11.

Not that this wouldn't be helpful, but the very latest Windows PC Health Check that Microsoft has released is supposed to be quite accurate as far as detecting whether the hardware on which it is being run can be updated to Windows 11.

It sounds like the results of a run of that tool already has specifically detected that Mr. Cutolo's machine does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for TPM, even if it met every other requirement.  And all it takes is one of the required bits to be missing to put the kibosh on upgrading to Windows 11.

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