moderated Re: slightly off topic: over ear loud good pair of wired headphones recommendations for a call centre?

Jason White

On 25/9/21 19:08, Hank William Merchant wrote:
This is perfect! This is going to be super great that you will be able to direct the output of jaws to be only in either the left-hand side ear or the right-hand side ear in jaws 2022 if you do not want jaws in both ears!

I tested this with a Microsoft Teams meeting recently, and it worked as intended.

Be aware of the limitations stated in the JAWS 2022 beta release notes. However, some of those limitations (specifically the inability to work with non-default audio devices) may be resolved by the time of the final JAWS 2022 release.

In meetings, I generally switch off speech and use only the braille display, so this is not a feature that I would be likely to need. Of course, there are other people with different use cases.

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