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Windows 11 should be available a little before the official release of Jaws 2022 as Microsoft announced that October 5th will be the official date for its release. However, if you really want to jump on it at that stage you can of course use the Jaws 2022 public beta and I believe Windows 11 will work with Jaws 2021, but maybe not as well, but I think there have been Windows Insiders using it with Jaws 2021 for some time now.


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Sieghard is correct.


Eric Damery announced on one of the recent FS casts that the first public beta would be out in September, which it was.  The second public beta is due out in the first half of October possibly sooner.  The full release is planned for the end of October, early November at the latest in time for Windows 11 for those who jump right on the new Windows version.

At that point, the public beta is done until the next time they release a beta version.


I have never been a private beta tester for Jaws, so cannot speak to how that cycle runs.




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I think Len is asking when public beta testing ends and not whether all beta testing ends including the closed private beta testing.

In this case "never" is not the correct answer because I am pretty sure that unlike with iOS where you can continue to be part of the public beta testing process for upcoming releases of iOS 15 like 15.1, 15.2 etc. that once Jaws 2022 is released to the public the public Beta cycle ends.


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When does the Jaws Beta testing end?







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