moderated Re: Dell laptops freezing or restarting with Jaws

David Diamond

MaxxAudio?  What exactly is that?  I know there were problems with it, I think however, I don’t know what the problems were exactly.  Oh, it has 3 USB ports and a SD slot apparently.  This means I will not have to use a USB/SD converter. To think all of this was started because someone was selling a used laptop with 500 G SSD and 16 G RAM for $420.00  Only problem was with the conversion from U S dollars to CAD and the percentage Pay Pal takes and shipping and handling, when the bill came in, it was $685.60.  Visa flagged it as fraudulent thus block the payment from going through.    


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Subject: Re: Dell laptops freezing or restarting with Jaws


David, You may not have any problems. From what I've read, they don't include the MaxxAudio on their business laptops, and the Latitude is definitely a business laptop.

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